Remove These 15 Apps To Keep Your Phone Safe From Malware ‘Agent Smith’

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The threat of malware called Agent Smith on Android smartphones is not yet finished. 

This problem is serious. And, we have informed you about it earlier. According to Checkpoint, this malware Agent Smith has influenced India’s 1.5 million Android smartphones.

Security firm Checkpoint has also said that work has been done to get it done with Google. Since this malware has come to Android through third-party app stores, users should be cautious.

Google Has Removed Affected Applications From Google Play

Google has removed this affected application from the Google Play store from this malware. 

If any of these 16 apps are in your smartphone, then delete it immediately. Now Google can remove this affected malware from your Play Store, but it is not possible for Google to delete or uninstall this application from your smartphone. So immediately uninstall these applications from your phone.

Some of these 16 apps are popular with Android users. It is possible that any of these apps will be on your smartphone too. If not, then it is a good thing.

These are apps that you can remove from your Android smartphone

Ludo Master – New Ludo Game 2019 For Free

Sky Warriors: General Attack

Color Phone Flash – Call Screen Theme

Bio Blast – Infinity Battle Shoot virus

Shooting Jet

Photo Projector

Gun Hero – Gunman Game for Free

Cooking Witch

Blockman Go: Free Realms & Mini Games

Crazy Juicer – Hot Knife Hit Game & Juice Blast

Clash of Virus

Angry Virus

Rabbit Temple

Star Range

Kiss Game: Touch Her Heart

Girl Cloth Xray Scan Simulator

What is Malware Agent Smith?

According to the checkpoint, this malware named Agent Smith can easily access the device. It shows ads with financial profits to users. They can use it to steal the users’ banking details. This malware is like Gooligan, Hummingbird, and CopyCat.


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