Opposition’s conspiracy to silence me: Rahul Gandhi in Court

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  • Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi petitioned for a permanent exemption from appearance, next hearing on December 10
  • Two defamation cases are going on against Rahul in Ahmedabad court, he appeared on Friday
  • Congress in-charge of Gujarat Saatva said – they filed Such cases to harass Rahul.
  • Rahul Gandhi has also appeared in Patna court in a defamation case of BJP leader Sushil Modi

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi appeared in Surat court on Thursday in a defamation case. He dismissed the allegations and described himself as innocent and applied for exemption from production. The court will take a decision on December 10, till then they have postponed the hearing. Rahul is also to appear in Ahmedabad court on Friday. Three cases are going on in the courts of Gujarat against him for being called ‘All Modi thieves’. Rahul tweeted- Want to silence me through anti-political lawsuits.

During the hearing, Magistrate BH Kapadia asked Rahul whether you accept the allegations made by BJP MLA Purnesh Modi. On this, Rahul declared himself innocent. His lawyer applied for an exemption from appearance, the MLA’s lawyer opposed it. It will decide on this during the next hearing. The court said that Rahul Gandhi need not come to court in the next hearing.

‘Opposition should dare to bear criticism’

Congress leader Ahmed Patel, who reached the court during Rahul’s appearance, said that he (Rahul Gandhi) has been summoned by the court, so he has come here. Let the law do its work. Shakti Singh Gohil said, “In a democracy, the ruling parties should have the courage to bear the criticism of the opposition. Rahul had called Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi a thief, while Narendra Modi was a failure. The BJP insulted him by linking his statement to the entire Modi community. “Congress state in-charge Rajiv Satav has said that they filed defamation suits to harass Rahul.

Rahul Gandhi had said ‘All Modi are thieves’ in the rally

In the Lok Sabha election campaign, Rahul Gandhi said at a rally on April 13 that ‘All Modi is thieves’. Besides Surat, they have also filed two cases in Ahmedabad to protest his statement. Earlier, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi also filed a case against Rahul. Here, he has appeared in Patna court.

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