Mental health is a challenge, necessary to maintain balance: Dravid

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Former India captain and champion batsman Rahul Dravid believes maintaining mental health is a big challenge in a tough game like cricket and players must balance to cope with the stress of a hectic schedule and uncertain future. Talking to the sports channel, Dravid said that it difficult to reconcile staying away from cricket. He said, ‘This is a big challenge. Cricket is a difficult game. There is so much competition and pressure and the boys play all year round. Many times in this game you have to wait and have a lot of time to think. ‘

Three Australian cricketers, including Glenn Maxwell and young Will Pukowski, have taken a break from the game citing mental health. Dravid, director of the National Cricket Academy, said that players should take care of their health amidst stiff competition. He said, ‘You have to take care of your health inside and outside the field. It is necessary to maintain balance. Do not too thrilled when you get success and do not disappoint if you fail.

Rahul Dravid believes maintaining mental health is a big challenge

Dravid said that he wants to make such arrangements in NCA that the player can get professional help if needed. He said, ‘Work is going on now and there will come a time when every player can get professional help if needed. Coach or we cannot overcome many issues. In such a situation, the help of professionals is necessary.

Regarding the Under-19 World Cup to be held in January-February, he said that the path does not end for those who are not selected in the team. Similarly, those who get a place in the team should not assume that their selection in the senior team is fixed. Praising the Indian fast bowlers, he said, “Ishant, Shami, Umesh, Bhubaneswar, and Bumrah are becoming role models for the youth. There have been bowlers in the past like Kapil, Srinath, and Zaheer but as a unit, it is India’s best fast attack.

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