Pritam Singh of Indian origin became first opposition leader in Parliament of Singapore


In Singapore politics, Pritam Singh, a leader of Indian origin, has achieved an important position. On Tuesday, leader Pritam Singh was nominated as Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Singapore. His Workers Party won ten seats in the general election held in Singapore on July 10 and emerged as the largest opposition party in the Parliament there. This is the first appointment in the history of Singapore.

In Singapore's general election, 43-year-old Pritam Singh's workers party contested election on 93 seats and won ten seats. Leader Pritam Singh is the general secretary of the Workers' Party. The parliamentary office said in a statement issued on Tuesday that there has never been an official post of the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Singapore, nor the constitution or plans for such a position in the permanent Commands of Parliament

Even in the 1950s and 1960s, there was no appointment of the Leader of the Opposition, while at that time the figure of the MPs of the Opposition was very good. The ruling People's Action Party of PM Lee Sian Luang of Singapore won 83 seats in these elections and became the largest party and formed a government in the country. The Government of the People's Action Party was formed on Tuesday. According to the law of the Parliament of Singapore, Pritam will be given more responsibilities and he will be given additional rights as the leader of the opposition.

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