Premium market shops will be shifted to Delhi, shopkeepers unable to pay rent


New Delhi: After the global pandemic coronavirus has killed many big brands, shops are preparing to shift from Delhi's premium market to other places. Actually, in these premium markets, shopkeepers have to pay more rent, but now this expensive fare is not able to fit their budget.

In the year 2020, the shopkeepers do not see any hope of increasing the business, so they want to cut their expenses. Due to the almost non-existent business in the last few months, some well-known brands have now come in cost pressure. The sale is not happening but on the other hand they have to pay the rent equally. Many clothing brands are now preparing to shift out of Connaught Place and Khan Market in Delhi to other places. These brands include big names like Hamleys, premium lifestyle brand Shaze, ethnic brands for women Soch, Blackberrys, Louis Philippe, Lee and Wrangler.

Let us tell you that, 2948 new cases of Coronavirus have been registered in Delhi on Saturday. The number of corona patients has increased to 80 thousand 188 in the national capital, while the total death toll has reached 2558. At the same time, on Saturday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the people of Delhi have waged a fierce battle against the coronavirus.

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