Political Parties tampering with online Freedom in India

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  • Pakistan among the 10 worst countries in internet freedom, India got 55 out of 100

Internet freedom is decreasing worldwide and India is second to none. Political parties are using social media to pollute politics and social control. The international internet rights group made this claim. ‘The Freedom House’ in the report ‘Freedom on the Net’ for 2019. It titles the report ‘Social Media Crisis’. It recorded a decline in global Internet freedom between June 2018 and May 2019.

According to the report, in the general elections held this year, the major parties deployed large numbers of volunteers and bots (Internet programs) for misinformation and publicity. Therefore, we cannot call them free. On this basis, they have awarded India 55 out of 100 points. It said that candidates of the main party BJP and Congress used WhatsApp and Facebook fiercely. BJP 12 lakh and Congress 8 lakh supporters.

Pakistan is among the 10 worst countries in terms of internet and digital media freedom. He got just 26 points. They also messed up Elections in Pakistan. It found that the most biased commentators, such as the use of bots or news websites to spread false or misleading information, and they used technical tricks such as blocking the website or deliberately imposing restrictions on its links.

Political parties are tampering with online freedom in India

3.8 billion people in the world have internet
71% of users are in countries where they were in jail for posting in political, social, religious matters
65% are in countries where online activity attacks or murders occurred in 2018
56% of people in countries where they block the web content.

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