Police To File Closure Report in MeToo Case Against Alok Nath

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Vinata Nanda accused Bollywood actor Alok Nath of raping her. She revealed this incident under the MeToo campaign.

The latest update, in this case, is that the Oshiwara police of Mumbai can close this case. An officer of Oshiwara police station said – We have recorded the statement of the victim. After this, we also called eyewitnesses to the police station several times to record the statement, but they did not come. According to reports, because of this, the police are planning to issue a closure report as they could not find any evidence against Alok Nath.

They granted him bail on a bond of Rs 5 lakh

Earlier, Alok Nath was granted bail by Additional Sessions Court Judge SS Ojha on a bond of Rs 5 lakh. He had said – Writer-producer Vinata Nanda had accused him of personal enmity against the actor. 

In the order, the judge said that the allegations made by the complainant may have been raised because of her unrequited love for Alok Nath. 

They filed a case against the actor apparently based on the offending, false, malicious and fictitious allegations of the complainant. Because of this case, the Cine and TV Artists Association also banned Alok Nath. He filed a defamation case against Vinta and demanded Rs 1. for the damages. Alok Nath was last seen in Ajay Devgan’s film De De Pyar De.

Vinta Nanda Accused Alok Nath in October Last Year

In October, last year, under the MeToo Campaign, Vinita accused Alok Nath in a Facebook post. Vinta was the producer of the 1990s TV serial ‘Tara’. It featured Alok Nath in the lead role of Deepak Seth. Vinta alleges that one day Alok Nath went to leave her home. It was here that he drugged them by drinking alcohol.


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