PM Modi to inaugurate new building of Mauritius’ Supreme Court tomorrow


On Thursday, PM Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the new building of the Supreme Court of Mauritius. PM Narendra Modi along with Pravind Jagannath will inaugrate the building. The two are going to jointly inaugurate this building. India has been a major contributor to the construction of this building of the Supreme Court in Mauritius.

The inaugration will be done through video conferencing. According to the news agency, besides the senior members of the judiciary of the two countries, many other dignitaries will be present on this occasion. India played a crucial role in the construction of this building. This building will be the first original project in Mauritius capital Port Louis with the help of India. Ministry of External Affairs has said This scheme of building of the Supreme Court is one of the five infrastructure projects being launched by the Government of India within the $353 million 'Special Economic Package' given to Mauritius in 2016.

In Mauritius, work of Metro Express Project is also going on with the help of India. By September last year, construction of the 12km metro line was completed. Now in the second phase of this project, the construction of 14km metro line has been started. The Ministry of External Affairs informed about this. Apart from this, an ENT hospital is being built with the cooperation of India. India has played a major role in the construction of this ultra modern hospital with a hundred beds.

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