PM Imran asks for suggestions from political parties to fight the deadly virus


The outbreak of Corona that is getting increased suddenly takes the form of the epidemic for the whole world. By the time this virus is caught, there have been more than 19000 deaths so far. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. If there are no beds left in hospitals of many countries, then Dr. himself is becoming a victim of this virus. Prime Minister Imran Khan has made an appeal to the leaders of the country amid the reluctance of the Pakistani government to implement the former lockdown in the country. Imran has urged that the leaders of all political parties come together to form a strategy to deal with the coronavirus so that the path of liberation can be removed from this pandemonium.

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Imran said that addressing a meeting of parliamentary leaders chaired by Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Kaiser through video conferencing on Wednesday Would be harmful As of this time, he told the parliamentary leaders that till Tuesday a total of 153 cases of Korana virus have been reported at the local level.

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Imran said that this is a very good sign for the country. He said that the rest of the infected patients have come from outside. He assured the leaders of political parties that the situation was under control. Imran said that there are many types of lockdowns. We have lockeddown by closing schools and universities and canceling matches.

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