Playground becomes Hospital due to Covid-19


The deadly coronavirus wreaked havoc all around the globe. 17200 people have died due to the virus. The effect of this virus is slowly beginning to affect the entire sports world as well. Many matches have been canceled due to this virus. PacaAmbu Stadium in Sao Paulo has been made an open air hospital amid Coronavirus infection. This 45000 capacity stadium can accommodate more than 200 beds. It will be fully ready in 10 days.

This player associates with FIFA against Corona

According to reports, there are many big hospitals around the stadium. As of Monday afternoon, 1600 cases of Covid 19 have been reported in Brazil, in which 25 people have been killed. Almost all the stadiums used during the World Cup 2014 have been offered to be open air hospitals.

Not only country but cricket world also ha lockdown for 21 days

Brazil's top football clubs have offered their stadiums to the Health Department to help in the fight against Coronavirus infection. Field hospitals and clinics can be built on these. Football in the country has been postponed until further notice. In this case, more than half of the clubs of Brazil Siri have given their stadiums to the Health Department so that the capacity of hospitals can be increased to deal with the current situation.

Cricket Board of Bengal announced this due to corona

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