“Plain’s engines not working”, PIA pilot’s last words before the accident


Islamabad: A major plane crash has occurred in Pakistan today. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane going from Lahore to Karachi has become a victim of the accident. According to the initial report, the accident was caused by a technical fault. Pakistan Airlines CEO Arshad Malik said that orders have been issued to investigate the accident.

He told that before landing in Karachi, the pilot said that there was a technical problem in the plane. They were told that both runways in Karachi are ready to be laden, yet they thought it okay to fly the plane. Captain Sajjad Gul was flying this PIA flight. Pakistan media has reported that just 10 minutes before the plane landed, the pilot said that there was some technical glitch. Meanwhile, a recording of the last conversation between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the pilot has also been revealed. The last words recorded by the pilot flying the Airbus A320 were that the engines of the plane are not working.

The pilot lost contact with air traffic control 10 minutes before the accident. Just before landing at Karachi airport, the pilot had said that the aircraft would land after taking 2 rounds, but after that, the plane crashed.

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