Deadly commute for pedestrians, 62 deaths everyday: Transport Ministry report

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  • The number of pedestrians who lost their lives in road accidents increased by 84% in 4 years
  • According to the Ministry of Transport, 62 pedestrian passengers die every day in India
  • Road safety experts say that the safety of pedestrians is not getting priority

The safety of pedestrians on busy roads in India has always been a cause for concern. The death toll of pedestrians has also seen an increase of 84% in 4 years. In 2014, the death toll due to walking was 34, which has increased to 62 in 2018. This data released by the Ministry of Transport

Pedestrians are not a priority in road safety

According to data from the Ministry of Road Transport, in 2014 the number of casualties due to road accidents was 12,330. It increased to 13,894 in 2015, 15,746 in 2016, 20,457 in 2017 and 22,656 last year. Road safety experts say that the safety of road users and their facilities never included in the priority.

Experts say that special provisions for pedestrians not attempted even in transport-related schemes. Among those who died in road accidents in 2018, 15% were pedestrians and 2.4% were cyclists.

West Bengal is most dangerous for pedestrians

According to the 2018 report of the Ministry of Transport, West Bengal tops the death toll of pedestrians. In 2018, 2,618 people died on the road alone in West Bengal. It followed by Maharashtra (2,515) in second place and Andhra Pradesh (1,569) in third place.

In Delhi, a quarter of the deaths due to road accidents occur only on foot passengers. In 2018, 420 pedestrians died in Delhi.

Safety of pedestrians endangered by encroachment on the footpath

Experts say that the safety of pedestrians placed at the top anywhere in the world. The safety and convenience of pedestrians is the priority of the Department of Transport. Road-transport experts say that while there is no special provision for the safety of pedestrian passengers in India. However, they are not being given priority in the expansion of cities.

Most of the country’s footpaths have been encroached upon and pedestrians have to walk on the main road under compulsion.

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