How Food Can Help Children Cope With Exam Stress

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The phase of examination has started. In such a situation, children, regardless of class, get stressed. The fear of examination on the head causes that children lose both sleep and hunger. Many children also get the disease due to exams. In such a situation, parents should take care of the diet of children.

Parents should take care of the diet of children during the exam

At the same time, when the examinations are going on, the child’s mind should remain focused on studies and avoid nervousness, some special diet should be fed.


Children may experience confusion, irritability, and anxiety from vitamin B deficiency. Eggs are found in rich amounts of vitamin B. Egg increases brain development and reduces anxiety. If your child is allergic to eggs, you can feed them citrus fruits.


Fish has always been considered brain food. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and protein which is considered very important for the brain. Eating fish also makes memories stronger.


Scientists suggest that children should give curd before the examination. It removes anxiety.


The child can be made into the coffee during exam time. This can help them to concentrate. If the child does not like coffee, then you can also give him a sweet apple because there is also a lot of caffeine in it.

Dark chocolate:

Who doesn’t like eating chocolate? But eating dark chocolate can have many good results. It is found to have antioxidants that accelerate brain function. It also improves the blood flow to the brain and relieves stress.


If the child is preparing for the exam then give him a glass of orange juice. This will bring glucose to his body, which will develop his memory, thinking and mental capacity.

Apart from eating and drinking, pay attention to this as well

On exam days, students study till late night. They do not sleep properly. They need to rest appropriately and should not compromise sleep.

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