Bigg Boss 13: Rashami reveals she went bankrupt in 2015

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From Paras Chhabra’s explosive re-entry inside the Bigg Boss 13 house to the luxurious experience of the spa for six contestants, Thursday’s episode was a dynamic one with varied kinds of entertainment quotient for fans.

Sidharth Shukla upset that Mahira continued to talk to Asim despite the fact that he tore her mom’s letter. While Shehnaaz and Rashami discussed how Vishal was wrong to be talking to Mahira. Mahira and Arti discussing Mahira’s way of playing the game.

The next morning, Shehnaaz asked Mahira why she must sit with Vishal if Madhurima getting hurt with it all. Mahira said she pretty casual about it but Shehnaaz tried to explain that Vishal simply wanted to make Madhurima jealous.

As part of the captaincy task, Paras asked Rashami to bring out Vishal’s real but bitter game in front of everyone. He instigated Rashami to question Vishal’s intentions. Confusing the contenders, Sidharth and Paras make the contenders clean the kitchen and soon, asked Rashami to spoil the bathroom.

After similar funny incidences, Paras was asked to get ready and get inside the house while Sidharth was told that he cannot be shifted back to the house yet as he not too well.

Paras told everyone about Arhaan that Rashami told her that she was bankrupt in 2015

When Paras leaving, Sidharth asked him to take care of Shehnaaz as she needs protection. Mahira ran and hugged as Paras entered the house to announce the captain. He chided everyone, especially for ignoring the emotions of Bhau, Mahira and Shehnaaz.

When Paras told everyone about Arhaan’s words about Rashami, she said she bankrupt in 2015 and there were times when Arhaan extended support to her. She then assured Paras that Arhaan was not lying. Paras insisted that Arhaan was still wrong as he must not say such things on national television.

Later, Rashami told Arhaan that Paras only suggesting that he must not talk about such things on the show.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz told Rashami and Shefali Bagga that when she asked Paras to talk, Mahira insisted she must a part of the conversation. Rashami asked if Shehnaaz was ok with it and she responded with a yes. The TV actor shocked to see Shehnaaz’s attitude.

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