Pakistan Ambassador thrashed by Countrymen in UN

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  • Maleeha Lodhi is Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations
  • In the United Nations program, a person described Maliha as corrupt
  • According to the video- Maleeha asked the person to stop, when she started going, shouted to him – you should be ashamed

Pakistan is trying to connect people all over the world with the removal of Article 370 by the Government of India, but it has to face setbacks. The latest case is of a United Nations (UN) program in New York. In this, one person insulted Pakistan Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi in the UN. The man told Maleeha, “You are a thief, you have no right to represent Pakistan.”

‘What have you been doing here for 15-20 years’?

Maliha was addressing the media at a UN event. According to the video- a person asked Maliha something. They asked him to stop. The person without waiting on it said that what have you been doing here (UN) for 15-20 years? You do not represent us.

On this, Maliha then asked that person to stop. The person said- I will not work against the law. I am Pakistani. Maliha refused to answer questions from the person. The person also said that you stole our money, you are thieves.

“You should be ashamed”

When Maliha started leaving, the person followed her. Some people asked him to shut up, but he did not listen. It can be seen in the video that when Maliha was climbing the stairs, the person said – you should be ashamed. You only ate money for so many years.

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