Congress raises question on BJP for giving Padma Shree to Adnan Sami

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  • Congress leader Digvijay Singh said – I am happy to be given the Padma Shri to Adnan Sami, I recommended him for citizenship

The award of Padma Shri to singer Adnan Sami was termed by the Congress as a result of the Modi government‘s glut. Congress spokesman Jaiveer Shergill said, “Our soldier and former army officer Mohammad Sanaullah, who was involved in the Kargil war, declared an intruder. At the same time, Padma Shri gave to the son of a Pakistani Air Force pilot fighting a war against India. This the magic of glorifying the NRC and the government. ”

Congress said Padma Shri to singer Adnan Sami is a result of the Modi government’s glut

Adnan Sami was born in London. His father was a pilot in the Pakistani Air Force. He applied for Indian citizenship in 2015. In January 2016, the government granted him Indian citizenship. Adnan among 118 celebrities who announced to conferred the Padma Shri on Saturday. His home shown in Maharashtra on the list of Ministry of Home Affairs.

Shergill posed 3 questions in the tweet, “First, why Indian army officers like Sanaullah  declared foreigners by NRC, while Padma Shri gave to the son of a Pakistani pilot?” Second, is it important for Padmashri to contribute to society or to praise the government? Thirdly, is there a new criterion for Padmashree that the government will do it, you will get Padmashree? ”

Digvijay expressed happiness over the award of Padma Shri to Adnan

At the same time, Congress leader Digvijay Singh welcomed the government’s decision. Digvijay tweeted, “Congratulations to all the celebrities honored with Padma Shri. I am very happy to get the Padma Shri for singer and musician Adnan Sami. I had recommended the government to give him Indian citizenship and the Modi government gave it to him. The government has the right to grant citizenship to any person without religious prejudice. Why then CAA? Just to polarize Indian politics. What will the Modi government do if the oppressed Muslim communities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh demand Indian citizenship? ”

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