Over 1000 Fast Track Courts to be set up for speedy Justice in POCSO

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The Ministry of Women and Child Development said that special courts will start working in the next year.
They will spend 700 crores on construction. 474 crore centers of the budget and rest of the state governments will pay.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has approved the proposal to open 1023 fast track courts. These special courts in different states of the country will start working until next year. They will hear cases of women sexual harassment and POCSO Act related to child crimes. At present, 664 fast track courts are working in the country.


A spokesperson of the ministry said on Thursday that they would spend 700 crore rupees. They will spend on the construction of special courts. They will provide this amount from the Nirbhaya Fund. In this budget, Rs 474 crores will be given to the Central Government. They will give remaining 226 crores to the state governments. It will cost about 75 lakhs annually to operate every fast court. The responsibility of setting them up will be with the Home Ministry. However, the Law Ministry will prepare the progress report of the hearing in every quarter.

Ministry will set special courts up in 18 states

According to the proposal, under the POCSO Act 18 states, fast track courts should be set up. These include Maharashtra, Tripura, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Haryana.

Approval of amendment in POCSO Act, 2012

Proposals related to new courts are yet to be approved by the Ministry of Finance. Earlier, the central cabinet approved the amendment in the POCSO Act, 2012 on Wednesday. They have made the provision of the death penalty and other harsh penalties for the guilty of child crimes.

By 2016, 1 lakh 33 thousand cases of crime were pending in the country.


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