One Plus TV to come with Kevlar Back Finish and Q-LED

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The smart TV of Chinese company OnePlus can be launched soon. The company has already confirmed that OnePlus TV will be first launched in India. The company has confirmed its name and logo, a few days ago the company teased it while sharing a photo of the TV remote. In the photo, OnePlus TV’s remote was shown as Apple TV remote with metal finish. Now before the launch, the company’s founder and CEO Pete Lau have teased another feature of the new TV.

Lau has posted a teaser image of OnePlus TV on Twitter, showing the Kevlar black finish of the TV. Also, a support bar is visible in it, which looks like metal and its layered look is now shown with the textured finish. It is not yet clear whether OnePlus will go with aluminum unibody or will use magnesium alloys, which provide more robust hardware. The teaser has also confirmed that OnePlus TV is coming with premium offerings and in such a situation, this TV can compete with Samsung, Sony, and LG.

QLED replaces OLED

Prior to the launch, OnePlus has confirmed that it is preparing to launch a 55-inch 4K QLED TV in India. In other markets such as China and the US, the company can then launch a 75-inch model of TV. One Plus has already revealed it the old LED will replace that Quantum Dot Display Technology and OLED panel in the company’s TV. QLED has semiconductor monocrystals quantum dots as compared to OLED, which helps in better color accuracy. Dolby Vision will also get users with better brightness, contrast, color, and details on the TV. Along with this, it has also provided an integrated camera for video calling.

The TV will have 8 speakers

The company has confirmed that OnePlus TV will have 8 in-built speakers. These speakers will come with 50 W power. Along with this, they have given Dolby ATMOS support for powerful sound quality. The TV remote will come with USB-C Po4T. Recently, the CEO of the company shared a picture in which it looked like Apple Siri Remote. This remote comes in a unibody design of the silver color and has black buttons at the top. Along with this, it has provided Google Assistant and Volume Rocker button in this remote like smartphones. Because of coming with Google Assistant, it will also support voice control.

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