Omar Abdullah is a political Juvenile: J&K Governor Satyapal Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik gave a sharp reaction to corruption in the state. He had said that terrorists should be killed instead of attacking the security forces, who have looted their state and country. On his statement, he said that whatever was out of his jubilee expressed anger because corruption troubled him in the state. On the statement of Satya Pal Malik, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah targeted him. After this, Malik aimed at him in an interesting fashion.

Speaking about Omar Abdullah, Satyal Malik said that he is a politically minor who tweets on all issues. You will understand everything you see. He said that anyone may tweet.

But it is also important to understand the context. It can not be that you do not understand a subject and just say your point of reaction.

Satyapal Malik said that while keeping the post of Governor, he should not have made such a statement. His statement is personal, he only gave the edge of words to what he felt. It involves big bureaucrats in Jammu and Kashmir in corruption cases. Satyapal Malik said that during his tenure he is looking at such disorder.
Satyapal Malik said that some bureaucrats and leaders of political parties in the Valley consider themselves as Sultan. But these people made the plight of the valley. They want to assure everyone that those who have done this situation in Jammu and Kashmir will dig the grave of their corruption.

On the statement of the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah tweeted that if a retired bureaucrat or an existing politician is killed then the governor will be responsible for it.

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