Noida: A Man Murdered With An Ax For Having An affair

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The fear in the hearts of the people increases every time a piece of new crime news emerges. They report another crime from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. They murder a man because of a love affair with an ax.

Noida Police has arrested four women in this case with 4 people.

Deceased missing from 2 days

According to the police, on 10th June, the brother of the deceased Himanshu Tomar lodged a complaint in Sector 39 police station of Noida that his brother has been missing for two days. When the police started investigating the complaint, they found the deceased car standing in an unclaimed condition near NTPC.

After this, police started interrogating many friends of the deceased. And, they came to know that his friendship was with a woman whose husband is an accused Rinku aka Ranjit Muzaffarnagar and is in district jail. When the police got information about him from Muzaffarnagar jail, he found that Ranjeet got bail and he got out of jail.

When the police checked the call of the deceased, they got a new number, after which the police examined that number. 

Another Woman involved in the murder

The number was from another woman when the police went ahead with the investigation, They came to know that the second woman was the wife of the accused Ranjit’s brother. After which police took the woman into custody and all the truth came out.

Ranjit the Masterplanner

The accused woman told the police that when the accused Ranjit came out of jail, he came to know that his wife is having a love affair with somebody. After this, he created a plot to kill his wife’s beloved (deceased Saurabh). And, he asked his brother’s wife to change her name and talk to Saurabh on the phone as a part of his plan. And, convince him to come to Lodipur village.

His brother’s wife did exactly as Ranjit had said. Saurabh got convinced and reached Lodhipur gaon to meet him, where all of them killed him with an ax. And, put the corpse into a pickup van and put it in the canal of Garhmukteshwar.

Police have arrested Ranjit’s brother, his friends and two women till date in this case, whereas Ranjit had already escaped. The police are in search of him.


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