NHM health workers contract will end on this day


In Haryana, the contract of NHM health workers working under the Health Department will end on June 30. After this, the services of which NHM health workers will be renewed. For this, the Haryana government has set special standards. For the first time, a new appraisal proforma has been prepared for NHM health workers. Which all the controlling officers will have to fill up and give their comments. After that, it will be decided which of the NHM personnel to renew the contract or not.

13500 NHM health workers are working in Haryana who are offering their services in government hospitals and health centres for the last many years. For the past 20 years, these employees have been offering their services on a contract basis. This time, the Health Department wants to test its performance on several parameters by creating a new appraisal proforma. NHM health workers include various employees in Group D category including Account Assistant, Computer Assistant, Clerk, Information Assistant, IT Staff, M&E Staff, Programmer, Administrative Employees, Secretarial Assistant, Project Officer, Consultant, Manager Pharmacist.

Four types of apparel forma have been prepared. According to NHM Employees Union State President Rehan Raza, NHM employees are working on the frontline in the health department who has been offering their services for almost 20 years. Even in this time of the epidemic, NHM employees have fearlessly fulfilled their responsibilities by staying in the front row. Therefore, the government should renew the contract of NHM employees without any confusion.

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