New Letter Slams Sedition Case For Open Letter On Mob Lynching

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180 prominent people have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is to protest against the registration of cases against 49 celebrities who have complained about the incidents of mob lynching. According to media reports, 180 celebrities including actor Naseeruddin Shah and historian Romila Thapar wrote a letter. Do they ask how can write a letter to the Prime Minister create a case of treason? All the persons in the letter said that they would continue to speak against suppressing the voice of the people.

The letter, released on Monday, said, “They have filed a case against our 49 comrades in the police. Only because they have done their duty to the citizen by complaining about mob lynching in the country.

Is it not ‘harassment’ to shut down citizens’ voices, misuse the courts? “180 celebrities include writers Ashok Vajpayee, Jerry Pinto, and Shamsul Islam, educationist Ira Bhaskar, poet Jeet Thayil, musician TM Krishna and filmmaker Saba Dewan.

We will talk daily about mob lynching: Celebrity

The letter stated, “We all, as members of India’s cultural community and as a citizen, condemn such persecution.” We support every word of the letter written by our colleagues to Modi. So, we shared his letter. Also,they also appeal to people from cultural, educational and legal communities to do so. We will talk every day against mob lynching and suppressing the voice of the people. ”

They filed a case against 49 people in Muzaffarpur, Bihar

On October 3, they registered a case in Muzaffarpur against 49 eminent people who wrote an open letter to Modi regarding the increasing incidents of lynchings. Also, it includes the names of many celebrities including Ramchandra Guha, Mani Ratnam and Aparna Sen. they registered The case following the order of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Suryakant Tiwari on a petition filed 2 months ago on behalf of a local lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ojha.

90% of attacks against minorities have been reported since 2014

Addressing the Prime Minister in the letter said, “Since your government came to power since May 2014, 90% of the cases of attacks against minorities and Dalits have been registered.” You condemn the incidents of mob lynching in Parliament, which is not enough. Therefore, the question is, what action was taken against such criminals? ”

62 celebrities wrote an open letter in response to a letter from 49 celebrities

In response to the letter of 49 celebrities, 62 celebrities including Kangana Ranaut, Prasoon Joshi, wrote an open letter. He said that some people selectively show anger against the government. Its purpose is only to discredit democratic values. Also, he asked why do they remain silent when Naxalite target the underprivileged?

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