New Extradition Law protested and Opposed in Hong Kong

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] The extradition law has increased in the near future. Pro-Beijing leader Carrie Lam, who presented the bill on Monday, showed signs of not taking it back. He said that before implementing this bill, it will be read once again on Wednesday. Opposition leaders on the other side have urged the people to make strong opposition.

Actually, on Sunday, 10 million people came to the streets in protest against the new extradition law in Hong Kong. However, the police counted only 2.5 lakhs. This was Hong Kong’s biggest protest so far. Earlier this was seen in 1997. When Hong Kong was exhibited for handing over to China

19 arrested, they brought 350 headquarters: Police

Police Commissioner Stefan Lo said that they arrested 19 protesters on Sunday night. All of these are around 25 years old. They brought about 350 people to the police headquarters.

According to the report, in the autonomous Hong Kong,  they are not extradited to China to prosecute the accused, but fugitive accused must be sent to China after passing the extradition bill. As is in Taiwan. People are opposing this.

Exclamations T.Lo said, “If China decides to pass this bill with the help of some politicians arbitrarily, then it will ruin the lives of all of us. It will also have an impact on our economy. Many people will leave Hong Kong.

Hong Kong businessmen, diplomats, lawyers and NGOs are opposing this bill. According to these people, this bill can be used to harass others under political conspiracies.


The Chief Secretary of the Legislative Council condemned the effort of Matthew C. N. Lam. He said that the government had amended the bill twice. This bill is a contractual only. There is no compromise made forever. For the trial of fugitive accused, there should be at least 170 courts, while we have only 20.

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