Narendra Modi addresses the Nation on Kartarpur, Ayodhya verdict

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After the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ayodhya dispute, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Saturday evening. He said that the decades-long justice process ended today. This has made the world aware of our vibrant democracy. The country accepted Ayodhya’s decision with an open heart. This is our unity in diversity.

Earlier Modi had tweeted and said that we should not see this decision in terms of anyone’s defeat or victory. The temple of justice has settled a decade-old dispute. All citizens should insist on maintaining the spirit of patriotism. The Supreme Court has ordered the construction of a temple through a trust on the disputed land of Ayodhya and 5 acres of land in Ayodhya for the mosque.

Modi said, “The Supreme Court has ruled on an important case that has a long history of hundreds of years behind it.” It was the desire of the entire country that the matter is heard every day in court.

This happened and today they have arrived the decision. The decades-long justice process and that entire process has now ended. The entire world believes that India is the largest democratic country in the world. Today the world knows how vibrant and strong India’s democracy is. ”

After the decision, the way every class, community, creed and the whole country has accepted with an open heart. He represents the archaic culture of India and a sense of harmony. Unity in diversity, today this mantra seems to be fed with its fullness. Proud of it. Thousands of years later, if we have to understand the life element of unity in diversity, then he will definitely mention the historical day and event of today. They do not raise this incident from the pages of history, 125 crore countrymen are adding new pages in history today.

‘Supreme Court has shown strong will power through the verdict’

Modi said, “It is a historic day for the judiciary too.” The Supreme Court listened to everyone with great patience. It is heartening for the whole country that the decision came to a consensus. As a citizen, we all know how difficult it is to solve a small issue in the family. The Supreme Court showed a strong will power behind this decision. For this, the judges, courts and judicial system of the country have been brought with special acclaim. Today is 9 November, and on this day the Berlin Wall fell and the two ideologies merged.

We inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor today. Today, with the decision on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 is also teaching us to move forward together. Today’s message is to connect, connect and live together. If there has been any bitterness in someone’s mind about all these things, today is also the day to give him relief. There should not be a place of fear, bitterness, negativity in a new India. ”

‘The solution to the difficult issue also comes within the purview of law’

Modi said that the decision of the court has also given the message that the solution to the most difficult issue comes within the scope of the Constitution and the law. We should learn from this decision that even if it takes some time, it is still right to be patient. It is important in every situation that our faith in the Constitution of India, the judicial system and our great tradition should remain steadfast. This decision has brought us a new dawn.

This controversy may have affected many generations, but after the decision, we have to resolve that now a new generation will be involved in the creation of a new India. Create a new India. We have to decide with our confidence and development that the person walking with me is not left behind. We have to move forward by taking everyone along, developing everyone, gaining everyone’s trust.

The Supreme Court has given the decision to build Ram temple. This has now made the responsibility of nation-building on every citizen. As a citizen, the obligation to follow the judicial process and follow the rules and laws has also increased. It is essential for our future to work by giving priority to our duties and obligations to every Indian.

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