Match started after 2 months in Hungary, audience expressed happiness


Hungarian football fans arrived at the stadium to enjoy the match after being away from the ground for two months due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Hungary has become the first European country to allow spectators to visit the stadium after the lockdown. The Hungarian Football Association on Thursday allowed clubs to open the stadium to fans for the first time since March.

These conditions include leaving every other row in the stadium empty and three seats after every spectator seat. On Saturday, the spectators who arrived in the northeastern city of Misscoles to see the match played between Diosgure and Mejokovsd said that we are happy to come to the stadium.

Fan Richard Kovas said, We will follow the rules because if we do not do so, the match may be played again without an audience. 2,255 spectators were present in the stadium to watch this match. This match was won by Diosgure 1–0.

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