Match draw between Granada and Valencia


In the Spanish Football League La Liga match, Valencia played a 2–2 draw with Granada, with this draw also breaking the order of Valencia's defeat for three consecutive matches. After the league resumed after the suspension of the Coronavirus epidemic, Valencia's team have managed to register just one win in seven matches and are ranked ninth in the points table. Valencia is in danger of being left out of the European League next season.

Fede Vico scored on a free kick in the 86th minute of the match: Grenada led by a goal on Carlos Fernandez's penalty kick in the 61st minute but Valencia scored in the 63rd minute thanks to Manu Vallejo and Gonsalo Guedes' goal in the 68th minute Made the score 2–1.

In the 86th minute of the match, Fed Vico scored a goal on free kick to give Granada a 2–2 score and this score proved to be decisive.

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