Many sports activities were canceled due to Corona


More than 18000 people have been killed due to coronavirus. The effect of this virus is being seen gradually on the sports world. For which many sports have been canceled so far. Keeping this in mind, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown on the coronavirus, Sai started the national preparations for the Olympic preparations in NIS Patiala and Bangalore. Ordered to stop all kind of activities in the camps. Players involved in the camp will now be able to come out of the hostel just for having food. For the rest of the day, they will have to stay inside the hostel rooms. Sai has ordered the players to stop the activities on the field and gym with immediate effect. At present, athletics, hockey and weightlifting camps are going on in Patiala and Bangalore. Among them are players like Manpreet Singh, Rani Rampal, Mirabai Chanu, Hima Das. Now all these will stay in hostel rooms.

As per reports, 45 weightlifters were involved in the camp at NIS Patiala for preparations for the Tokyo Olympics earlier. While Olympic qualifiers were on the head, other weightlifters including Mirabai Chanu, Jeremy Lalrinunaga, Rakhi Haldhar were being given 90 percent load of training and competition in three sessions a day. So that the body is completely colored in competition. Everyone was allowed to meet each other, but due to the coronavirus, the situation has changed completely. Instead of 45 in the camp, nine weightlifters are left. Training of two sessions was done instead of three. No one is allowed to meet each other outside the training hall. Even after giving weightage of 90 percent to weightlifters, fitness training was started, which is now going to stop.

Training was done for two sessions instead of three: According to the information received, Indian team's Chief Coach Dronacharya Awardee Vijay Sharma reveals that the training of lifters has already been lightened. The lifters are given rigorous training just before competition. In this, they are given 90 percent weight of the total weight to be carried in competition. This is not done in the training of the scheme. Otherwise there is a risk of injury. Till now, training was being done for the Olympic qualifiers in three sessions from seven in the morning, then from 10 o'clock and four o'clock in the evening, but in the last few days, this hard training was stopped and at seven and four o'clock in the evening.

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