Man Throws Slippers at Kamal Haasan Over Nathuram Godse Comment

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A man threw a slipper on the actor turned politician and founder of Makkal Needhi Maiam party Kamal Hasan on Wednesday.  However, the slipper did not touch him.

Police have detained the person who threw the slipper.

On 12th May, Hassan said, “the first terrorist of independent India was a Hindu. His name was Nathuram Godse. This was the beginning of terror.,”

Since then, BJP, AIADMK, Sangh and Hindu Mahasabha have been protesting against Hassan.

“Stated Facts,” Says Kamal Hasan

Hassan said, What I said is a historical fact. It’s quoted out of context. How can I target a religion? I challenge you to show one instance of me inciting discord,”.

He further said, “I understand the meaning of the word radical, that’s why I used it for terror or killer (against Godse). We are active in politics. We will never do violence. They say that I have hurt Hindu sentiments. There are many Hindus in my family. My daughter is also a Hindu. Don’t talk about my ideology, you will lose. My ideology is Honesty, which you do not have. You can stay anywhere in Delhi or Chennai, you can not fool people by telling lies for a long time,”. 

Arrived in Madras High Court for Interim Bail

On Kamal Hasan’s Nathuram Godse comment FIR was filed against him in the Madras High Court. On Wednesday he reached the Madras High Court for interim bail. Earlier the High Court dismissed his plea. 

Demanding Ban on MNM

The BJP and its associate demanded a ban on MNM from the Election Commission. Earlier, in the Tamil Nadu Government, Minister Keti Rajendra Balaji had said on Monday that we should cut Kamal Haasan off, he has given this statement to get minority votes.


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