“Mera sapna toot gaya” : Mahira Sharma evicted from Bigg Boss House

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Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 finally saw the pending midnight eviction the makers had been teasing for the past few days. Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal announced that Mahira Sharma received the least votes and would be evicted from the game.

Here are the top highlights from the episode:

After scaring housemates and informing them that he would take one of them with him while leaving, Vicky announced it would be Mahira who will be evicted from the show. Also, Mahira was then heard saying, “Mera sapna toot gaya, top four ka mera sapna toot gaya (My dream is broken, my dream of top four).” She then bid farewell to everyone.

Nevertheless, After walking a few steps, Mahira began crying and held Paras’ hands as she sat down and said she did not want to leave the house.

Soon, the housemates realized that a portion of the house had been turned into a mandap. Shehnaaz was then given the task of presenting her wedding cards to the contestants on the show. Everyone began laughing and Sidharth asked her if she was getting married.


After surviving through all the highs and lows, the top 6 contestants got a chance to relive their entire journey. Also, the viewers have been an integral part of their journey and hence the showcase was done in the presence of the contestants’ fans and supporters. As Aarti’s journey was projected, she got emotional and thanked Bigg Boss for an exceptional experience. Tears streamed down her cheeks when she saw herself as ‘Independent Aarti’ being flashed onto the screen. Arti got emotional and said as she came back inside the house, “Sablog ro ke nahi aye na. (I am sure everyone will cry).”


Next up was Sidharth Shukla’s chance to see his journey. He got emotional as he watched his journey and relived every moment. From his fights with Rashami and Paras to his brotherly bond with Asim brought tears in his eyes. Upon seeing his moments with Shehnaz, a wide smile came on Sidharth’s face.


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