Liverpool kick start their League Campaign with a dominating Win

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Adrian must have never thought he’d be joining the reds party in full swing. One of those parties, where the drinks have been flowing. And you already have to play catch-up as all around you move with a swagger.

Liverpool was already 3-0 up against Norwich when the recently recruited back-up goalkeeper was called nine minutes before half-time. Alisson worryingly fell to the ground after an innocuous goal kick. Allison apparently seemed to have suffered a calf injury.

It was the first time Anfield was anxious.  It confronted the Kop with the reality the absence of their number might compromise this dashing start to the Premier League season one.

They restored order when the former Real Betis keeper struck a pinpoint cross-field ball to Andrew Robertson. The 32-year-old Spanish Goalee has come a long way. Earlier, he lost his place at West Ham to Joe Hart two years ago.

They have blessed Adrian with the immense good fortune to be granted an opportunity so soon. With that comes responsibility.

Another demonstration of the excellence of this Liverpool side will not counter the worry that the vast improvement last season. We credit the improvement much to their Brazilian goalkeeper. Alison received a hug of consolation from his coach as he trudged off, Klopp was aware he may have been waving farewell to several Premier League points.

Not that there was any evidence of it being anything but a familiar pattern outfield at Anfield this season. Liverpool has been unbeaten at home in the league for two years. It will be quite a dilemma for those clubs below the top six. Show ambition and you get hammered. Sit back and you’re inviting similar punishment. Playing out from the back is akin to a suicide mission.

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