Labors flout social distance norms, 4000 workers gathered at one place


Workers are migrating due to the lockdown implemented across the country due to the epidemic coronavirus. However, the central government has ordered the state governments to make proper arrangements for the workers. At the same time, around 4000 migrant workers from Manipur have gathered at the Palace Ground in Bengaluru to register to return.

For your information, let us tell you that about 4000 migrant workers of Manipur have gathered at the Palace Ground in Bengaluru for registration to return. K. Sudhakar, Minister of State said that I talked to him, he is worried and wants to go back to Manipur but I hope he will return to Bengaluru as this is his second home.

Apart from this, laborers from many states are returning to their home state through buses and trains commissioned by the government. However, during this time many workers are also falling victim to accidents. Bus carrying workers in Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh became the victim of an accident. More than two dozen laborers have been injured in this incident. All the injured have been admitted to SRN Hospital. This bus was going from Jaipur to West Bengal. Even before this, many workers have been victims of accidents. The workers sleeping on the railway line in Aurangabad fell victim to the train accident.

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