Krishna did not appear with Govinda in Kapil Sharma’s show

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Krishna Abhishek and Govinda’s family feud seems to have not ended. Last year, the Bombay Times reported that there were reports of a quarrel between Govinda, his wife Sunita and Krishna Abhishek, his wife Kashmira Shah. Kashmira then tweeted a tweet that led to increased tension between the two families and the bitterness is not yet over.

Govinda, his wife Sunita Ahuja and daughter Narmada appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show last week, but Kapil Sharma did not appear to be the show’s lead performer Krishna.

Krishna Abhishek not appear in Kapil Sharma show with Govinda

When the Bombay Times spoke to Krishna about this, he said that ‘I was told by my team that Sunita Mami does not want me to be seen with her. I should not be a part of their segment. It was sad and shocking because my character is an important part of the show. However, I chose not to make any fuss as it was a big day for Narmada.

He came to promote Narmada’s album. If I can do this for my sister as an elder brother, I too expected the same from my elders. It is very sad. Chichi Mama (Govinda) does not want us to fight or debate in public places on our issues.

According to Krishna, he has settled his relationship with Govinda. According to Krishna, ‘Chichi Mama and I have ended our differences 6 months ago. I have also gone to his house to meet him and we are also in touch. Actually met in Dubai 20 days ago and asked to improve relations with Mami, but she is still upset.

I have reached here only because of years of hard work. Yes, Mama helped us when we were young, but I never asked for help with them. If that were the case, they have seen me in many films. My chichi mama has been a superstar. ‘

Sunita Ahuja could not be available despite repeated attempts on the matter.

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