Kiran More’s big statement says, ‘Sunil Gavaskar is worst in the nets’


Former Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More expressed his surprise at Sunil Gavaskar's greatness at the stark contrast between the former Indian batsman's match and the nets. Gavaskar was the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Among the greatest batsmen in cricket history, Gavaskar scored 10,122 runs in 125 matches and scored 34 centuries. However, More, who played with Gavaskar for almost four years, wondered how this batsman used to score runs on the field despite struggling in the nets.

More said 'Gavaskar was one of the worst batsmen in the Nets': More said in The Greatest Rivalry Podcast, he was one of the worst players I've seen in the nets, according to HT reports. He never liked to practice in the nets. When you saw him practicing in the nets and when he went for batting in a Test match, it was 99.9% different. When you saw him batting in the nets, he used to think 'how will he score?' And the next day in the morning when you saw him, he was a 'wow'. Gavaskar is known for his big score and his superb concentration. One of the greatest and most successful batsmen in cricket history, Gavaskar faced the world's deadliest bowling attack, which included the West Indies' famous fast bowling attack and the dangerous bowling duo of Australian fast bowlers Dennis Dilly and Geoff Thomson. Gavaskar spent most of his career facing these fast bowlers without a helmet, which makes him more special. The former Indian wicketkeeper said, 'The best gift Sunil Gavaskar received from God is his concentration. The concentration he had was incredible. Once he was in that zone, no one could get close to him or he would not listen to anyone. If you are talking or dancing next to him, he will stay in his own zone and concentrate on his cricket.'

Recalling a home match played with Gavaskar, former Mumbai wicketkeeper More told how to return to the dressing room after being dismissed for less than 50 but Gavaskar was angry at himself for not making a big score. More said, 'Sunil was very disciplined. I remember when I came in the Indian team, we played many home matches together for the West Zone. I remember a Test match in Wankhede and Sunil was dismissed for around 40 or 30 runs. When he returned, there was no one in the dressing room. Everyone was running around, they were trying to hide in the corner, 'God-given gift to Sunil Gavaskar is his concentration'. He had an incredible level of concentration. More said, 'He came inside the dressing room and threw his gloves, he was very angry because he was out at 30-40. He never liked this. If he was out for Duck or 5 or 10 runs, then it would have been fine for him, but if he was out after batting for an hour, he disliked it. 'How can I get out?' But he was highly respected in the dressing room.

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