Katrina Kaif visits MP village under her NGO’S programme

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  • Film actress reached for a review of the girl child education in a government primary school Miyapura
  • Katrina is the brand ambassador of an NGO promoting education in rural areas

In rural areas, an NGO is working with the government to promote girl education. Katrina Kaif, the brand ambassador of the NGO, arrived at the primary school at Miyapur in Nalachha block on Tuesday. Katrina asked a girl Aayushi (5) in the village, “I know if you know the girl, you have seen me on TV”. Do not know the name. Katrina named and kept the girl together during the inspection.
Katrina Kaif stopped by seeing a little girl Aayushi’s father Pappu Jhania standing outside a house here. With the mother came to the girl standing in the door and asked her if you go to school, what is your name, why did you not go to school today.

She asked Mother Pooja Bai- daughter speaks so well, how did you teach

Kaif said to Ayush’s mother Pooja Bai – Your daughter speaks well, how did you teach it. Pooja Bai said- She has learned herself. She told the mother that these aunts are heroines.

The girl had reached to promote education

Katrina Kaif was accompanied by the founder of the institution Safiya Hussaini, Collector Shrikant Banoth, SP Aditya Pratapsingh, and other officials. Observation of the knowledge box activity conducted by the institution in the school. During this, Kaif discussed with the team Balika (volunteer) from 15 villages of the district and listened to their experiences.

Asked the children what they want to become, most of them said the police

Kaif also learned how to teach children in school. He asked the children what they wanted to be when they grew up, so most of the children told the police. Some said engineer-doctor and one said, minister.

Distance maintained from the media, the program kept confidential: The Katrina program was kept confidential. The actress also kept a distance from the media.

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