Karnataka Witnesses Another Case Of Dalit Atrocity

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Even in the 21st Century, discrimination based on caste has not taken a step back. Another case of Dalit atrocities has emerged in Karnataka.

In Gundlupet, Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka the priest and villagers scoured a person of the Schedule Caste. They made the person roam naked in the Shani temple. And, Accused him of trying to harm the idols.

This is the matter of June 3.

Priest on The Matter

Chandrappa, the priest of the temple gives clarification on the matter. And, says: I offered him water on his arrival to the temple When he wanted to enter I called him. But he grabbed my collar and abused me for no reason.

According to the priest, the person arrived at the temple naked. And, the priest offered him a ‘Lungi’ on his arrival. Also, he thinks the person was mentally unstable.


Police Arrest The Priest And Villagers

Victim’s Cousin Kanta Raju filled a report on the issue. The police has registered a case under section 143, 147, 395, 323, 342 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code.

After investigation, the police has arrested a priest and a villager, while the other accused are absconding. There are allegations that the mob also beat up the young man.

According to police investigations, the man had gone to Mysuru for an examination from where he was returning to Gundlupet.

someone hit his bike and the man got robbed near Raghavapur village. After  which he went to the temple where this incident took place.

The man’s father has prepared a medical certificate that states he is mentally ill

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