Tokyo sky turns Pink, Japan braced for biggest storm

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In Tokyo, the sky of the capital Tokyo has turned pink and purple because of the impact of the 60-year strong storm ‘Hagibis’. We expect the storm to hit the coast on Saturday. Already, there is devastation in the coastal areas. Winds are moving at a speed of 180 km / h. They have damaged many houses. The administration has evacuated about 42 lakh people to safe places. The Philippines has given the name ‘Hagibis’ to the storm. In the language there, it means ‘speed’.

A similar storm in Japan in 1958 caused massive destruction. Then 1200 people were killed and thousands became homeless. Videos of the devastation caused by strong winds are being shared on social media. The winds are so strong that many vehicles on the road overturned and there is news of one person’s death. Because of the storm, there is a possibility of floods and landslides in many areas of Japan. They have evacuated the coastal areas. Besides Tokyo, 50,000 people have been asked to immediately go to safe places from Shijoka, Gunma, and Chiba. About they evacuated 42 lakh people from ten provinces of Japan.

All air and train services closed

They have postponed all air services in Japan. Japanese companies have canceled 1929 international and domestic flights. The rail network has also been closed. All theaters, shopping malls and factories in Tokyo have been closed. They have advised people to stay in homes. They have put emergency services on high alert.

Rugby World Cup and Grand Prix

All matches of the Rugby World Cup in Japan have been canceled, and the players sent back. In addition, they have postponed the Formula One race. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has appealed to the people to be vigilant. A day before this, he had asked people to keep food and medicines nearby. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department of Japan has been quoted as saying that there was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the southeast coast of Chiba.

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