ISRO Chief Dr K Sivan says, India plans own space station

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  • Sivan of ISRO Chief said – This ambitious project will expand to the Gaganayan Mission
  • At present, only two space stations, ISS and other China’s Tiangong-2 as a joint project of the first US and Russia


ISRO chief Dr. K Sivan said on Thursday that India is planning to launch its space station. This ambitious project will be an extension of the Gaganayan Mission.

Siwan said that we have to maintain the Gaganyan program after the launch of the human space mission. That is why India is planning to launch its space station. We will not be part of the International Space Center. Our space center will be small enough. We will launch a small module and will be used in microbiology experiments. It weighs around 20 tons.

At present, only two space stations

At present, there are only two space stations. The United States and Russia had created the International Space Station (ISS) in 1998 as a shared project. Many other countries later joined in its construction. However, the cost of most controls and modules alone raises the US. 230 people from 18 countries have gone to the ISS. It is located approximately 400 km from the earth. It rotates at a speed of 28,000 km per hour.

China preparing to launch the third space station

Apart from this, China has also launched 2 space stations. China launched its first space station Tiangong-1 in 2011. It was prepared for two years. It was destroyed on April 1, 2018, on the ground. China launched Tiangong-2 in 2016. It still exists. China is also planning to launch Tiangong-3 by 2022.


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