ISCON chief Guru Bhakticharu Swami passes away due to corona


London: Swami Bhakticharu Maharaj, the commissioner and head of the governing body of Escon's highest governing committee, died on Saturday in Corona in Florida, USA. He was undergoing treatment in the US. He was on ventilator for the last few days. He died on Saturday due to multi argon failure. He spent most of his time in the Ujjain ISKCON temple in Madhya Pradesh. He flew to the US from Ujjain on 3 June, his corona report was found positive on 18 June.

Acharya Krishnakrapamurthy, the founder of Sri ISKCON was one of the most beloved disciples of such Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ji and also got the opportunity to serve Srila Prabhupada ji. Especially in the last moments of Prabhupada, a TV serial serial Abhay Charan was produced based on his life as a form of allegiance to his Guru. He has held the post of Chairman of the Governing Body Commission of ISKAN two times.

He has given a unique gift to Krishna devotees by translating the devotional texts composed by Prabhupada in Bengali. He also dedicated the ISKCON temple in Ujjain to spread Krishna devotion. He traveled all over the world to promote Krishna Bhakti and was also the GVC of Europe and Africa and other countries.

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