Is Google Ready to Enter the Social Media Space With Shoelace?

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Google introduced Google Plus to counter Facebook. But it did not work and finally, the company took down Google Plus. 

Is Google again trying to enter the social media space? Perhaps this time the company is preparing to enter the social media space quietly because the company had made big claims with Google Plus.

The Shoelace App

Google is working on a social network platform named Shoelace. Or, we should say that it is testing it. 

Some users are using after getting an invitation. 

Shoelace is a different social network platform where people become friends of each other and find new friends according to their interest. 

The Shoelace app is currently being tested in the New York City of America and can only join the user who has an invitation. You can also see it as a hybrid of the dating app and Facebook. Because the focus of Shoelace is to match people according to their interest.

In Shoelace, there is a similar matching process like dating app Tinder. You can other peoples profile by swiping. 

Although the purpose of this app is not to help people in dating, rather find new friends. 

But the way people use links like LinkedIn also for dating, there is no big deal in it when people also treat it like a dating app.

Features of Shoelace

Shoelace is being developed in the Google 120 lab. The Google Area 120 lab is a secret. Under this Google 120 lab, the company works on several new technologies and there are many experimental projects.

Supercharge your social life is written on the home page of the Shoelace app. It’s free.

Talking about the features of this social app, users will have time to meet new people. 

Apart from this, you will know about upcoming daily events and activities. 

They will have information about events like free comedy shows, soccer. Here you will also have the option to create events from yourself and invite people from here too. 

Will Google’s social media platform Shoelace beat the social media giant Facebook? Right now it is too early to say this. Google has released no official statement so far. Especially for Global Media But you can not even underestimate Google. 


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