iPhone 11 is triggering this weird disease in People

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Apple has launched three new iPhones which are discussed everywhere. People are making different meats, so someone is talking about its features. A new thing is coming about the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max that some people are getting uncomfortable with the design of its camera.

Many people are also writing on social media that it is triggering trypophobia in them.

What is Trypophobia

Phobia: Fear, people have many types of unintentional fear called phobias. One such fear is tryptophobia. In general language, tryptophobia is called fear of holes. But not always the hole, many times the flock or bulge of many circular shapes together triggers tryptophobia in humans. People who have this problem see such symptoms as vomiting, dizzy head, heart beat, wrinkles.

Many times tryphobic people do not even need a picture, hearing about such a shape can also trigger their phobia. According to a 2018 review by Frontiers of Psychiatry, this phobia is associated with an angina disorder and is more commonly seen in women.

How Common is Trypophobia
According to some research, tryptophobia is very common. According to a study published in the Cyclosil Science Journal in 2013, 16 percent of the participants reported being uncomfortable seeing the shape of the Lotus seed pod (which contains lotus seeds).

What are the symptoms when looking at things
-bubble wrap
– worm-eyes
– Lotus Seed Pod



Exposure therapy, concomitant behavioral therapy (CBT), medications, relaxation techniques, etc. are some ways in which we can control phobias.

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