India’s Packaged food and drinks are least healthy in the world

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  • University released results after analyzing 4 lakh food items from 12 countries
  • Ratings given to countries by quality, London topped India at the bottom.

According to a study at Oxford University, packaged food and beverages sold in India are among the least hygienic. They are high in fat, sugar, and salt. The university has released these results after analyzing 4 lakh food items from 12 countries. London is at the top of the list released after analysis, while India is at the bottom.

Ratings:  India below China

According to the analyzed University of Oxford’s George Institute for Global Health, they rate foods from different countries based on their investigation. According to the list of ratings, America is the second and Australia is third.

The basis of the ranking is the amount of energy, salt, sugar, saturated fat, protein, calcium and fiber present in the packaged food. The lowest point of ranking is 1/2 which means the lowest healthy food. 5 rating means the best package of food.

According to research published in the Obesity Review-Journal, they rate London 2.83, America 2.82 and Australia 2.81. They rate India2.27 and they rate China 2.43. Both countries are at the bottom of the list.

Saturated fat levels are high in China’s package food. China has 8.5 grams of sugar in 100 grams of food while in India it is 7.3 grams. According to research, package food and beverages in India are more energy efficient.

Researcher Elizabeth Dunford says that people all over the world are eating processed food, which is a matter of concern. The supermarket is also full of food items high in fat, sugar, and salt. They are making us sick.

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