Indian Boxing Federation released new guidelines


Whenever boxing will be restored in the country, then due to Coronavirus, they are going to be without the audience. With this, instead of air-conditioned places, they will be in well-ventilated places and officers above 60 years of age will not be able to go to the competition venue. In the 19-page standard operating procedure regarding exercise and resumption of competitions in boxing, the Indian Boxing Federation has laid the same guidelines on health as suggested by the Sports Authority of India.

One page in it is of those protocols, which will be implemented after the boxing competitions are restored at the national level. It has been said, Competitions will be without an audience. Only a limited number of important people will be given admission there. There will be a reduction in the number of volunteers. It said, Avoid air-conditioned premises because they can spread infection. There will be events on open ventilated airways only. Currently, there is no boxing competition but in October November BFI wants to organize a national tournament, which will be followed by the Asian Championship.

Another guide said in the line, Officers above 60 years of age will not be at the competition venue because they are more prone to infection. Boxers and officials will be given different rooms during the competitions. There will be no dining hall but lunch and dinner will be available in the packet.

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