India, Russia and China do not take care of their air quality, we keep: Donald Trump


Washington: US President Donald Trump has severely accused India, China, and Russia of air quality. President Trump has said that these countries are not taking care of air quality, whereas the US keeps. President Trump has described the Paris Climate Agreement as unilateral, energy-wasting. Trump further stated that he had withdrawn from the deal, which makes America a 'non-competitive nation'.

Trump has attacked China, saying that he wants us to take care of our air, but China itself does not take care of its air. India and Russia also do not take care of their air quality but we do. Trump further stated that as long as he is the President, he will always place America first. This is very simple. President Trump went on to say, For many years we put other countries first and now we will put America ahead. As we saw in our cities, radical Democrats not only want to destroy the Texas oil industry but they also want to destroy our country.

President Trump accused these countries that such radical nations do not love the country in any way. They have no respect for the American way of life. Our people love their country, national anthem, and flag.

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