India is Planning Bigger Attack than Balakot: Imran Khan in PoK

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had celebrated Independence Day as a solidarity day with the Kashmiri people. 

He said in his speech in the Legislative Assembly that India will not stop till Kashmir only. He is planning a major attack from Balakot. But we are ready. Our troops are ready. I want to send a message to international organizations, if the war happens, the world will be responsible. We will fight until its end. 

He said, “If India does something in PoK, we will answer it. Will answer his brick with stone.

According to Pak media reports, Imran also accused the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) during the speech. He said that the threat of RSS ideology in India has exploded today. This ideology is the same as when the Nazi slaughtered in Germany. In Kashmir too, India is trying to change the demographics of Muslims.

Modi has made a strategic lapse: Imran

Imran said, “In the last five years this ideology has spread cruelty in Kashmir. The decision to remove Article 370 was Narendra Modi’s last card. Modi has made a strategic lapse. They have made it an international issue and I will strongly raise the voice of Kashmir. Today, the world is eyeing Kashmir and Pakistan. I have become an ambassador to raise the voice of Kashmir,”

Opposition leaders in India speak with fear: Imran

He said, “A normal person cannot make such a statement about the women of Kashmir. The ideology of the RSS in the country has made the Constitution hollow. The government there controls the media. Opposition leaders speak with fear. Intellectuals are afraid to speak up about the government. BJP is taking India on the path of destruction. They force people there to live in fear. “

There was no exchange of sweets between the two armies on Eid

Earlier, sweets and good wishes were not exchanged between Border Security Force (BSF) personnel and Pakistan Rangers on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day at Attari-Wagah border in Punjab over tensions between the two countries. Breaking this tradition, the armies on both sides did not exchange sweets on the occasion of Eid this year. 

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