India: Graph of people infected from corona is going up rapidly


Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly in India. To stop this, the world is looking very serious and what kind of steps are being taken, it shows how fast countries have taken steps after the initial 100 cases of infection. To understand this, divide the number of corona infected patients into two parts.

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The first step is from the first positive case to the 100th patient and every new positive case from the second 100th patient. If you study the data on the basis of this, then the situation becomes clear that who has achieved more success in preventing the infection of this virus. In contrast, there are two dozen countries, including India, where after the 100th case, there has been an increase in the daily infection rate. This increasing graph of infection places India in the high risk zone.

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The rate of infection here up to 100 patients was 13 percent, while the daily infection rate after the 100th patient has come down to 8.1. South Korea and Singapore also went on this path. But there are 23 countries, including India, where the picture is completely reversed. After the 100th positive case here, the average daily rate of infection increased from 10.8 to 11.8 percent. In the US, this rate has doubled, in Thailand, it has tripled. The rate of increasing infection remains a cause of concern for our country with a population of 130 crores.

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