Dilip Kumar’s first love: Married Kamini Kaushal

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In the life of 97-year-old Dilip Kumar, many such incidents have happened, which are no less than a film story. Now take his love story. He has completed 53 years of marriage with Saira Banu. But did you know that Saira was not Dilip’s first girlfriend?

Dilip Kumar fell in love with Kamini Kaushal

The first person he fell in love with was Kamini Kaushal. The duo’s romance began on the set of the film ‘Shaheed’ released in 1948. Both were also planning the wedding.

The actress had already married

According to an article published in an English website, while Kamini was dating Dileep, she was married at the time. Interestingly, Kamini was married to his elder sister’s husband. In fact, Kamini’s sister died in a road accident and they had a child, under whose family Kamini gave up her brother-in-law BS. Married to Sood. When Kamini’s brother came to know that his married sister was dating Dilip Kumar, he turned red with anger. He threatens Dilip Kumar to break up with Kamini. Here, Kamini also could not go against the family.

Kamini said- We both were scattered

In a conversation with a Glamor magazine in 2014, Kamini said, “He (Dilip Sahab) has written in his biography that he was shattered after separation from me. But the reality is that we were both shattered. Very happy with each other. But what could I do? I couldn’t cheat anyone (Husband) by saying that enough is enough, I am leaving. What mouth would I show my late sister? My Husband is very The good Humans are there. They understood why this happened? Anyone can fall in love. ”

Famous Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai had said in an interview that Dilip Kumar had never been able to get as much love from Kamini Kaushal as anyone else. Kamini was followed by Madhubala, Vyjayanti Mala, Saira Banu and Asma Rehman in Dilip’s life. Asma was Dilip Saheb’s second wife, whom he divorced after two years of marriage and later returned to Saira.

In 2013, when Dilip Kumar could not recognize Kamini

Years later, Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal faced off on the fourth of late actor Pran in 2013. Dilip Sahab arrived there with wife Saira. During this time, Dilip Saheb’s chair was right next to Kamini Kaushal. Dilip Sahab was 90 years old and Kamini 86. But Dilip Sahab could not recognize Kamini. During an interview in 2014, Kamini said, “My heart broke when Dilip Sahab gave me a blank look. Actually, by that time he was having trouble identifying anyone. I was very sad to see it and I was there Walked away from. ”

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