Imran Khan said- we will not fight anybody’s war anymore

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  • According to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, continued tension in America and Iran will harm the whole world
  • Imran made it clear that Pakistan will not fight any other country without naming America

Imran Khan has said that Pakistan will not fight for any other country. Imran’s statement is a direct signal to the US amid deep tensions between Iran and the US. Pakistan has previously helped America in the war against the Taliban and Russia in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan will not fight for any other country

Khan also said that his country will definitely try to reduce the tension between Iran and America. Recently, the US killed Iran’s military commander in a drone attack. In retaliation, Iran claimed to have destroyed the US military base in Iraq.

Ready to mediate

Addressing a student function in Islamabad on Thursday evening, Imran mentioned the situation of war between the US and Iran. Also mentioned the geographical location of Pakistan. Khan said, “The tension between the US and Iran should be reduced, peace should be restored.” For this, we are ready to mediate. But, I would like to make it clear that Pakistan will no longer be a part of the war of any other country. In the past, we fought others’ wars many times. Now, this mistake will not be repeated. ”

Imran’s statement indicates to America

The statement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan is important in view of the situation in the Gulf. Indeed, Imran’s statement clearly signals to the US that Pakistan will not help the Donald Trump administration in the event of war with Iran. Russian forces were present in Afghanistan about two and a half decades ago. The US prepared the Taliban with the help of Pakistan to remove them. Russia left Afghanistan but thousands of terrorists got ready in Pakistan. Later, the US also stopped helping Pakistan. The relationship between the two countries cannot be called good even today. Therefore, Imran is indicating that he will no longer be able to help America during the war.

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