If you want sex for a long time, then follow this method


Every married couple has only one question in their mind that how will they enjoy sex activity for a long time. But this question is not right, it depends on how long you will enjoy the pleasure of the sexual activity. This question usually comes to mind because of watching porn. But the truth is that it normally takes 30 minutes to establish a full-fledged affair, but it may not be the same for everyone, there may be a slight time violation. If you are not able to remain excited for more than 3 minutes while establishing a love affair then it means that you have a physical or sex-related problem. To get relief from these problems, you can pay attention to these things, which will help you to have sex for a long time.

1. Consumption of fruits and vegetables in more quantity – Studies show that men who eat vegetables are able to enjoy sex for a longer period than men who eat non-veg food. Because the nutrition they get by consuming fruits and vegetables helps in providing strength and energy in performing sex acts.

• By eating a banana before establishing a love affair, you will be able to enjoy sex for a longer time. Because the potassium and glucose in bananas help in enjoying the sex completely.

• The amount of gink and iron in it by consuming Amla juice regularly helps to increase the capacity of sperm (sperm) as well as enjoy sex.

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