Husband sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife


Dubai: For many days, the incident of twin engagement has raised the senses of the people, every day some news comes out due to which shakes the heart and mind of the people. Sometimes the accident of someone or the news of someone's death is bothering people. A similar case has come out from Dubai, after hearing that you will also be thinking.

According to the information received, a Dubai court has sentenced a person of Indian origin to life imprisonment. But this man had killed his wife last year. In the last month of September last year, 44 years old Yugesh C.S.'s wife was killed in broad daylight in the parking area of her office. The court heard the case on Sunday. 40-year-old Vidya Chandran was the mother of two children.

According to reports, her husband strangled her to death. Vidya Onam, a resident of Kerala, was leaving home that night with children to celebrate. Her family has said that for many years, the husband was troubled, while the defense has said that the husband was suspicious that Vidya was having an affair with someone else. But seeing all the sides of the case, the court has convicted the husband and given life imprisonment. After this, husband Yugesh was extradited.

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