How security in India transformed after the Pulwama attack

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  • On February 14, 2019, there was a suicide attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama, in which 40 soldiers were killed.
  • According to CRPF officials, terrorists were eliminated by running joint operations in the last year.
  • Officers tell- terrorists conspired for attacks like Pulwama many times, but each time they were thwarted

Pulwama terror attack has completed one year today. 40 CRPF personnel got killed in this attack. In the last year, the security forces have changed the strategy to catch the terrorists. Now joint operations are being conducted against the terrorists. Identifying more and more terrorist targets, the terrorists are either being captured or killed in the encounter. A CRPF official says that the terrorists, desperate by the action of the security forces, try to carry out attacks like Pulwama, but due to the tactics of the security forces, it is no longer easy for the terrorists.


On February 14, 2019, there was a suicide attack on the CRPF bus in the Lethpora area near Pulwama on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. 40 soldiers were killed in this attack. Pulwama attack was the biggest terrorist attack of 30 years in Kashmir. The attack was carried out by Adil Dar, a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist.

Still getting intelligence input, but terrorists are not able to attack

According to a CRPF official, security agencies have been receiving intermittent inputs that the terrorists are plotting a major attack and are trying to target a staff. However, since last year, the security forces have adopted a new strategy and increased the security drill. Due to this, it is now difficult for terrorists to attack. Officials say that CRPF has improved its training. It has also made considerable changes in its equipment, mobility, and navigation.

What changed in one year after Pulwama attack?

1) New Strategy

A new strategy is now being adopted against terrorists. The perpetrators of the attacks or the makers of the IEDs are being identified or apprehended or eliminated. An example of this is Kari Yasir. Pakistani terrorist Qari Yasir was the Kashmir Chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed. He was involved in making the IEDs for the Pulwama attack. In January, he was found and encountered. He was recruiting new terrorists and was looking to blast the IED on Republic Day. In January itself, the security forces detected another module of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Srinagar and arrested 5 terrorists. A large number of weapons and ammunition were also found from these terrorists, including gelatin steak and suicide vests.

2) Strengthening joint operation

Security forces like police, army, CRPF are jointly conducting operations against the terrorists. This was happening earlier also, but now coordination among all agencies is more than ever. For example, intelligence input is being shared with all agencies on getting security inputs. If a terrorist or suspect is caught, the information obtained from his interrogation is also shared with all agencies. This has led to focused working in anti-terror operations.

3) Road opening parties are also more circumspect than before

Road opening parties ie ROP are also working more attentively before any staff leaves. ROP Security consists of small units, which check the highway before the staff leaves and find out if there is any explosive or IED of any kind. The ROP has detected and diffused several IEDs and explosives in the past year. This has led to major attacks.

4) training

There has been a change in the training of CRPF personnel. Their new equipment is being given. Mobility and navigation are also being changed.

5) Air Travel

The staff of CRPF and other security forces are no longer traveling by road only. They are also flying in between.

Program in Lethpora in memory of martyred soldiers in Pulwama. On the anniversary of the Pulwama attack on Friday, the CRPF has also organized a program in memory of the martyred soldiers in the Lethpora area. Lethpora is the area where the CRPF staff was attacked. Several high officials including CRPF IG Rajesh Kumar and Special DG Zulfikar Haasan will participate in the program. A martyr memorial will also be inaugurated in this program. The names of the martyred soldiers are written on this memorial.

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